MULTINECTAR, S.L. is a company focused on the manufacture, distribution and exportation of Spanish bee products and natural products in general .

We are cooperating with the best Spanish beeckepeers.

We offer products with a high purity due to the conditions improvement and excellence into the research of the raw materials; innovating processes, and customized products following our clients requirements.

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Our philosophy can be summarized on the following points:

  • Control of all the distribution and supply process to always guarantee the same standards of quality.
  • Very narrow relations with our suppliers who represent the first link of the human team which we own.
  • Very closed relations with our clients, they are our associates and partners.
  • Continuous improvement of the good commercial relationship with foreign companies to continue importing their products.
  • Total confidence with the human team linked to this company.
  • Exporting vocation around world.


Beekeeping and bee farming is an agriculture-oriented rearing bees (genus Apis) and provide the necessary care in order to obtain products that are capable of designing and collecting in order to meet the needs of the man has these.


Bees are important pollinators of flowering plants. It is estimated that one third of human food are pollinated by insects, mainly bees.